Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Secret

(Will you get your paws out of the way -- now! I can't see the screen and I have to in order to write. No, that's not a bug, so stop trying to play with it. Yes, I'll share my treats with you when we're done.) Oops, hi there! (Stop that, can't you see someone's reading us?) Anyway, ahem, hi there! Beggar's taking a nap and we decided we'd give him a surprise and write his daily post. I'm the dog, the one on the right, and the cat's the one on the left. I guess you knew that already.

So, I'll bet you're wondering how a dog and cat can do this -- type on the computer, that is. Well, it's like this, you use your paw claws and hit the keys one at a time and everything shows up on the screen. It works the same way when Beggar does it only he doesn't use his fingernails. I have to use my claws because -- wait, I get it, you want to know how we can use the computer! Oh, well, that's different. Can't tell you that, nope, it's a (whispering) seeecret.

Most of what we do is that way, so I can't explain all the things you'd like to know about cats and dogs. I'd like to -- it's not like I'm trying to be mean or anything -- but we promised not to tell and we never break a promise. I can say that Beggar and I took our walk in the hayfield today. Usually we go down the lane and that's fine because there's lots of dog mail to check. But I like the hayfield better because there's room to wander and I don't have to worry about cars passing. I've got the whole thing to myself and it's fun!

Today we stopped and looked at orange and red oak leaves -- I know, someone said dogs are colorblind. Don't you believe it -- oops, that's a secret, too. You didn't get it from me, okay? Then we walked down by the river and that's cool because it's big and looks like my bowl when Beggar overfills it, kind of sloshy and all wet. Boy, did it ever make me want to have a drink! And then we walked back home and I got a Milk Bone which is what I get after I take Beggar for his daily walk.

That's one of my jobs, making sure he gets his exercise, because exercise is good for him so that he stays Fit and Trim, like the dog food. I also take care of the car when he goes in the store and tell him when someone's at the door. It's not a lot but it's enough to keep me busy between naps and playing with the cat. And eating -- right, I forgot about that. Let's see, it's about dinnertime by the you-know-what on the mantle...he he he, you thought I was going to tell you how I knew what time it was, didn't you? Sorry.

That's a seeeecret!

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