Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carpe Diem!

Cat and Mouse

You might think my last late night escapade attempting to intervene in a game of my cat and his mouse would have taught me something. Apparently not, because I did it again this evening. There really is nothing like doing the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result, to make a person question their sanity. I have no doubt my cat would agree completely.

I was writing my daily post, playing catch up with a to-do list gone bonkers, when I heard not exactly a rumble but more than a loud bang coming from the bedroom. By the time I'd gotten to the hallway, the cat was making a beeline for the living room. Once again, the dog was on my heels as we came upon the scene of the crime, namely the cat trying to avoid being caught and the mouse in his mouth wishing he hadn't been.

I had a bag in my hand, intending to either dispose of the remains or better, release the little guy back into the wilds of the front yard. I don't know what made me think this was going to be like Androcles and the Lion -- I save the mouse and out of deepest gratitude he becomes my closest companion in a 21st century version of Ben and Me. Okay, I'm a softie when it comes to animals, even the ones I wish would stay outside, what can I say?

Now, try to picture this if you can. I crept around the big chair -- my chair, the one large enough for me, the dog, and the cat on my lap, all sound asleep, that chair -- and nabbed the cat and by extension, the mouse. Just as I was about to gently relieve him of his prize, the cat opened his mouth -- to argue over ownership, I'm sure -- and the mouse fell to the floor. Carpe diem! I could swear I heard him squeek, and he dove for cover.

So, what's happening now? Well, appropriately ashamed of myself, the dog and I have retired to my study and left the cat in the living room. The mouse is still there, of course -- I saw him in the heating register next to the wall, safely ensconced and out of harm's way. At this point, if the cat can't get the job done, no one can and I'm not about to try. Making a fool of myself once in an evening is quite enough, thank you, especially in the presence of someone who actually knows what he's doing.

(Image of cat and "mouse" by Keith Marshall via Flickr)

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