Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Coppertone Kind of Day

I don't know what happened to summer in Maine this year but I think it missed its flight. Today is the third day of temperatures in the 50s with rain, fog, and no prospects for anything better through the end of the week. We had a lovely spring but on my calender, at least, spring is followed by summer -- you know, sunshine? Somewhere?

If I was living on the coast, I could make exceptions. The ocean does funny things, most of it unpredictable to this land lubber. But I live inland where there are trees and fields and dirt. You know, good old dirt. The brown stuff that grass and things like that grow in. I have farmers for neighbors. They plow it, inspect it, smell it, they practically act like they love the stuff -- must be in the genes. Anyhow, they need sunshine too, right? So, where is it?

I know, April showers bring May flowers and a sunny day is always just rou

Disney - Great Movie Ride Mary Poppins
nd the corner. That's fine if you're Mary Poppins, but I'm not and my umbrella doesn't levitate, at least the last time I tried. Besides, April has come and gone and the flowers were lovely, thank you very much, but I'm ready for some warm sun, iced tea with fresh spearmint, and an afternoon in the hammock under the ancient apple tree. I'd even be grateful if I had to bathe in bug juice to keep the pterodactyl-sized mosquitoes away. And trust me, they not only look that big, they act it. I've never seen mosquitoes as fearless as the ones up here. It's almost like they drink DEET for breakfast or something. Can't you hear it? "Forget the coffee, Mable, give me some more DEET -- I'm headed for Beggar's place this morning and he's ripe for picking."

Well, I'm sure things will change and the next time I write about the weather I'll probably be complaining that it's hot and muggy. I don't mean to be a nudge -- I'm just from a state where folks brag about 300 days of sunshine per year. Not that we really have 300 cloud-free days, but as long as we can see blue sky, we figure it's close enough. On a day like today, close enough makes me want to get out the Coppertone and make the neighbors blush.

(Coppertone is a registered service mark. It's use here does not constitute a commercial or personal endorsement.)

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