Monday, November 30, 2009

The Trouble with Door Knobs

Door Knob

I haven't told Beggar this, but I could have gotten him a turkey really easy. There's lots of them in the yard, especially on rainy days. I know this because I sit in the window every morning while he writes and spy on them. I've got their movements down pat and if you think 007 can be stealthy, wait until you see a cat on a mission. That's stealthy.

There's only one problem: I can't get outside. I know the door knob has to be the key to opening the door because that's what Beg grabs onto when he goes out. I can reach it when I stand on my hind paws and I've been practicing turning it, but I still can't quite get it to work. It catches and won't budge. I'll bet it's locked -- rats! That's the trouble with door knobs.

This is very frustrating because I can do other things, like pick up a piece of food with one paw. You'd think a stupid door knob would be easy-treasy after that. Of course, now that Thanksgiving's come and gone, the fact that I could have saved him a trip into town is a moot point. Still, there's the principle involved.

I used to live on the street and get hand outs from tourists -- that's where I learned to be self-sufficient. Then one day I got caught and taken to a pet shelter. It wasn't so bad -- they gave me regular food and a blanket. And that's how I came to meet Beg.

The shelter took a bunch of us to Petsmart on a field trip and it must have gotten late, because we stayed overnight in the adoption agency. The next day I saw this big guy (Beggar) standing at the window of my "room." At first I thought it was rude for him to stare -- I was taking a bath for crying out loud -- and then I realized he was my guy, the one I was supposed to be with all along, so I pawed the glass to let him know. Now I have a dog and a home with turkeys outside in the yard. Mm, did I say turkeys? Isn't Christmas coming?

Let's see, I know how to work the door, all I need to do now is figure out how to pick the lock.

(Image by Omakakii via Flickr)

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