Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matt Dillon and the Other Guys

I awoke this morning to something I've been missing lately: sunshine, the sky's full of it. You can't ever quite be sure who the sun's going to give its heart to. Maybe it's you one day and someone else the next. I guess it's fickle and that bugs me. I'd like a little more consistency, if I may.

It kind of reminds me of a girl I used to know. You never really knew where you stood with her because she had a new boyfriend every week. Cute as can be, she had guys stacked up like Pringle's potato chips. Of course, I wanted to be one of them, but I never quite fit. You know Pringle's: each chip is exactly alike, and I was dumb enough to think she might like something a little different.

Well, lately, the sun has seemed just like her, interested in anyone but me. True, it's dropped by a time or two to flirt but I'm getting wise: flirting isn't a relationship and there's always someone else in the wings. About the girl, I used to fantasize I could be like Matt Dillon in the opening scene of the classic television series, Gunsmoke.
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The music comes up, tension builds, Matt draws and blamo!, down goes another bad guy. I'd "ride off into the sunset" with the girl while all the other guys stood around, scratching their heads, and wondering how I pulled it off. Sigh, it's tough being a teenager in love, isn't it?
I don't begrudge anyone catching their share of vitamin D (that's the one we get from sunlight), but I'd like to have a crack at getting mine as well. True, with all the rain I don't have to worry about watering my lawn or having dry timber behind my house, but this business of, "Sorry, I'm seeing someone else this week," is for the birds.

(Pringle's is a registered servicemark)

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