Saturday, July 25, 2009

Failing to Live Up to Expectations

So, there I was this afternoon, standing at the counter of a local music store. I'd gone in to return a defective CD of the soundtrack to Dances With Wolves and the clerk, a young guy wearing a Rasta hat, eyed me warily. "I can replace it, give you a store credit, or your money back," he said, "if you don't find anything." His tone seemed to suggest he thought the latter was most likely. 

I thanked him and headed for the rock section, looking for favorites in both "used" and "new," grateful someone had taken the time to label everything clearly. After about five or ten minutes I handed him a new copy of Greatest Hits Volume Two, The Singles by the Goo Goo Dolls.

He was good, I have to give him credit. His double-take was evident around the eyes, but his initially guarded demeanor melted quickly and he watched me with what looked, for all the world, like amazement as I walked out, tearing away the wrapper.

Slipping it in the car CD player and turning up the volume way up, I wondered what his response would have been if I'd told him I'd just purchased a new set of guitar strings and couldn't wait to begin working on an acoustic version of Black Balloon?

Failing to live up to expectations. Life is really sweet sometimes, you know?

(Creative Commons image by TheCX via Flickr)

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