Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Returning to Normal

Lapsang Souchong TeaWe have a York, Maine and a Scarborough -- sans Faire -- but not a London, at least as far as I know. New Hampshire has New London, but that's "live free or die" territory (the state motto) and over there, they make up their own minds. This afternoon, however, the soup outside my front door is thick enough to confuse the compass and stimulate an appetite for a cuppa Twining's Lapsang Souchong. Ever had any? It smells like freshly fired gunpowder and tastes like woodsmoke. Perfect for a grey day.

I spend the morning rewriting yesterday's post after rereading it left me wondering what I meant to say. Then the canine and I stepped out for a walk in the rising mist, noticing the rest of the neighborhood had the good sense to stay inside by the fire. The chipmunks, by the way, have taken up residence behind my fireplace again this year -- I still haven't figured out how to charge rent. And if I left them a statement, I have a feeling their response would be similar to that of General Anthony McAuliffe, commander of the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne to the German demand for surrender, "Nuts."

Fall has come and pretty much gone in these northern climes and any hopes I had of seeing some color along the southern rim of the Adirondacks on the way home faded fast -- what remains is pine tree green interspersed with masses of naked deciduous branches. Having spent mid-September through early November in the Mid-West, I feel like I've missed something back here. It's as though I stepped out of and back into time, expecting everything to be the same on my return and it's all changed instead.

My cat seems to have had the hardest time with my being gone. The dog, of course, was overjoyed when I got home, but Mr. Mouser was distant and it took a few days for him to warm up to his usual self. I guess that's the difference between cats and dogs: even cats who are "dogs on the inside" have an image to maintain. At any rate, the little farm on this side of the Saco River is slowly returning to normal and winter is just around the corner.

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