Friday, September 10, 2010

From Maine through the Berkshires

I had just crossed the state line between Maine and New Hampshire when Mick broke into Gimme Shelter. By the time I was nearly across Massachusetts, it was the Boss with Born in the USA on Boston's 104.5 FM. That's one of the funny things about New England, or so it seems to me, being from the mountain West. You can pick up a strong radio signal and follow it across the state. Of course, it helps if driving 50 miles places you halfway there.

Take today, for instance. I started out in Southern Maine and less than six hours later, had driven through portions of three more states (NH, MASS, NY), and completely across one of them (MASS). The same amount of time might have gotten me from the Colorado-Wyoming line to New Mexico or, had I been driving west from Dallas, somewhere still in Texas.

But it was a beautiful drive, especially once I got into the Berkshires, in the northeastern Appalachians. The colors are just starting to turn and the air is cool. By the time I come back through, on my way home, autumn may very well be past-peak, it's difficult to say. Then again, I may be posting photos that will knock your socks off.

So, tonight, I'm in Albany and tomorrow, heading west once again, this time along the Erie Canal. Remember the lyrics from elementary school? "Low bridge, everybody, down; Low bridge cuz we're goin' through a town. And you always know your neighbor, you always know your pal, if you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal." My sixth grade music instructor would never believe it.

(Photo of sunset in the Berkshires copyright 2010 by the author)
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