Friday, May 21, 2010

Shake Your Booty

The song "Witchcraft" by Frank Sinat...

Cat: Yawning and stretching, "So, how'd you sleep?"

Dog: Yawning and stretching, "The question is, did I sleep? I think so. How 'bout you?"

Cat: "Are you kidding? I'll nap later, as usual. Beggar ever come to bed last night?"

Dog: "Yeah, and it wasn't last night, it was more like this morning, early this morning, around 3:30."

Cat: "And of course, you stayed up with him. That's what you get for being 'man's best friend,' you know."

Dog: "It's an occupational hazard. The worst part was waiting until he got home to take me out. I think the water was half-way up my eyeballs before he walked in the door."

Cat: "I keep telling you, use my box if you have to. House-trained doesn't mean you've always got to be a hero."

Dog: "Thanks, but no thanks. Toughing it out keeps Beggar conscious of the time, though by 2:00 I was beginning to wonder."

Cat: "Well, he enjoyed himself, that's certain. Walking in with his coat slung over his shoulder like Frank Sinatra and humming Strangers in the Night was a good sign."

Dog: "Sure was, and staying up to write about it all was an even better one. Every time I dozed off, he'd wake me up and tell me about another one of his friends, where they were going for residency, how good they looked, and how much fun they had visiting. Made me feel like I'd been there."

Cat: "They'd never have let you in the door."

Dog: "He mentioned that -- said something about a 'dress code,' and a sign at the entrance to the restaurant that read, 'No Tails Allowed.' Beats me how anyone was going to play 'shake your booty' all night without one."

(Public Domain image of Frank Sinatra via Wikipedia)
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