Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off to Graduation!

Since I can scarcely remember when, Brahms Academic Festival Overture has been synonymous for me with the fulfillment of dreams. I first encountered it as the sound track for the film People Will Talk, the movie that got me thinking of becoming a doctor when I must have been about nine or ten. I'm listening to it now, the version by Maron Allsop and the London Symphony -- my favorite -- because today is graduation day. 

I'm not done yet -- I still have boards to take, rotations to complete, but by the grace of my university I'm walking across the stage at 3.00 pm EDT to receive my doctoral hood and a few moments later, will raise my right hand and speak the words of the Osteopathic Oath, choking back tears, and joining friends from my incoming class at long last. 

Actually, I've got to leave in about 30 minutes, so forgive me for making this brief -- more to come tomorrow. In the meantime, please also forgive my absence these past months while preparing for boards. I've wanted to write but whenever I've begun, my conscience has spoken up, telling me to get back to studying or else. Thanks to all who've come by in the meantime, I appreciate it so very, very much.  Now, off to graduation!
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